Bringing Intent to your Web Analytics

Capturing Intent of your users to drive the Digital Experience

If you’re responsible for your company’s digital experience or online sales, you’re not lacking data. Chances are you have more data from digital analytics tools than other teams in your organization. But does your data show the real intent of your users and if they’re successful?

The concept of intent has made its way into online ad marketing partially thanks to Google championing the idea of “micro-moments.” Marketing to intent is all about meeting the target audience when they’re most receptive to your messaging, when they intend to act in a specific way. The best part, according to Mike Grehen, CMO of Acronym Media, is how focusing on intent drives business results:

We learned early on that building marketing programs that solve for customer intent produces stronger business results.

Let’s look at how you can leverage the same proven approaches as your online marketing colleagues have (hopefully!) already used to drive results.

Your Ad Marketing “Works”, Now What?

Most organizations will try to intelligently drive a consumer to targeted experiences on their website such as a campaign page or particular product page. Great! You’ve got the user back into the funnel.

But what if the user fails to find enough information to decide to buy or, even worse, encounter a technical barrier to “converting”?

Your Current KPIs aren’t Enough

Your marketing team’s ad campaign killed it, driving click-throughs across social media. Their KPIs reflect their success. So why are you (the digital sales or customer experience manager) so frustrated? Why are you worried about the next management report?

Chances are you’re measuring conversions like purchases or activations or sign-ups — things that directly address the top or bottom line. Looking across the aisle, the VP of Marketing is overachieving goal. How can you do the same?

Bringing Intent in from the Cold

Taking a page from the marketing team, what the digital team needs is to know the intent of the customers engaging through their touch-points. The consumer clicked through a killer ad placement on their Facebook, but is their goal to buy or just check out pricing? Maybe they came in outside the marketing funnel because they’re a returning customer looking for support. Or maybe, best case scenario from a cost of acquisition standpoint, they had a bad experience with a competitor and they’re primed to embrace your offering.

Without that critical information, why is the consumer engaging?, your behavioral analytics will still have a gaping hole.

Capturing Customer Intent

If you’re serving 10s or 100s of thousands of daily visitors online, you might think either it’s too daunting to use anything other than base Google Analytics. Or you might think the latest in AI could help decipher what your users are trying to do.

We’ve found the best way to understand the customer intent is to do what you’d do if you were operating your local brick and mortar store! It’s easy: engage the customer, politely, as they come through the door. How are you today? Just browsing or looking for something specific?

And just like the physical storefront, unless the customer wants help, just stay out of their way!

They’ll still know:

  • You noticed them and you care about their experience
  • They feel open to communicate knowing you’re willing to listen

Lastly, give them the ability to let you know how their experience was during their session. Make sure you capture key intent metrics including:

  • Intent — what was the purpose of their visit?
  • Completion Rate — did they satisfy their needs?
  • Consequence — if not, what will they do next?

The answers to the above questions give your business the Why behind the customers interaction and the effect on your business. Sure, you can observe if they could “buy product” simply by looking at your conversion events, but what about all those customers with behavior that appears to be window shopping? They may very well have encountered something that prevented them from walking out a new, happy customer.

Task Analytics makes capturing Intent easy At Task Analytics, we believe whole heartedly that focusing on customer intent drives value for the business and helps digital teams focus on delivering experiences that customers need.

Looking to capture your customers’ intent on your web properties? Want to go beyond intent and measure Completion Rate? Give Task Analytics a try today and deliver value through better customer communication.

Published: September 29, 2017

Dave Voutila

Technical Advisor