Why intent analytics is the most important tool you never knew you needed

Connecting customer intent to their actions is the only way to get a complete picture

To understand why intent analytics is important for your website we need to take a deeper dive into what intent analytics really means.

In order to build the perfect website that meets your visitor’s needs, you need more insight about what they are coming to your site to do. Are they coming to register for an event, check prices, buy your product, read review, or watch a video?

Today there are so many analytic tools out there - behavioral analytics depict the user behavior; customer experience surveys tell you if users liked the site; marketing analytics help you understand which campaigns are performing well, or not; web analytics measure how the users are interacting with a website. How the user got there, what they navigate around, or what they clicked on. None of these tools tell you what your user’s intent was and what they wanted to actually do when they visited your application.

Intent analytics measure why your users came onto the site, the reason they took the path they did on, and whether they was were able to do the task they came to do - purchase your product!

Through Intent-based insight, digital marketing teams are able to create effective websites that deliver on the objectives of the business by meeting and exceeding the needs of their customers.

Intent analytics is designed to help your business navigate and prioritize what you should put into the roadmap. What is critical for your core business to solve right away and what can wait. Is there anything your customer has an expectation to find when they enter your website that your business hasn't thought of yet? Or, is there something that your business has prioritized, but customers aren’t interested and they instead want something else? These are critical questions that leave lasting impacts on your business that can all be answered with insights captured through Task Analytics.

  “Understanding user Intent is the Holy Grail.”
    -VP, Sales & Marketing Applications, Cisco

There’re two different sides to every customer - what they intended to do and what they actually did. User behavior trends are always easy to spot and there are an endless number of analytics platforms that can tell you every page they ever visited. We’ve analyzed thousands of sites and almost all of them have been designed with a business assumption and objective in mind to create an “ideal” user flow. What happens when what your customers wanted to do on your site is completely different than what you expected? Without the right tools in place to understand it, every other analytics tool will simply tell you they decided “not to buy.” Task Analytics helps you understand and measure what your customer intended to do in order to design a perfectly optimized site that drives completion rates, delivers higher satisfaction and achieves your business’ goals.

Task Analytics is an integral tool for digital marketing teams across every major industry. Our clients recognize the value in measuring the completion rate of user tasks, ie. how many of their customers are able to complete their intended task. Completion Rate is the critical KPI that provides tremendous insight into user behavior, driving actionable outcomes for the best digital marketing teams.

Published: October 9, 2017

Kjetil Jortveit

Customer Success Manager