Make sense of your data

Dig down to open up new insights and. With our filters, examining your data is quick, easy and powerful.

Powerful filter types


Limit data in time and see what happened last week, last month or for a custom date range.


Discover if mobile users run into more trouble than desktop users on your site?


Break down responses on audience groups like Customer and Not a customer


Drill down and see if specific URLs of your site is causing users more harm than others


Filter out tasks in low-demand to focus on the important ones


Answer how the Pricing category of tasks are performing isolated from the rest.

Examine level of responses

Quickly spot the periods when you've collected data.

Exclude segments

Oh, did we mention we’ve added the possibility to exclude segments of data? For example you might want to inspect only the data for non-mobile sessions.

The power of presets

If you’re anything like us, you probably want to store your perfectly configured filters to go back to them next time around. That’s why we’ve poured our heart into making sure you can save your filters into presets that the entire organization can use to quickly navigate the data later.

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