Your new favorite metric

The completion rate is the central piece of information in Task Analytics. Why? Because completion rate is your best shot at measuring quality.

The most important tool you never knew you needed

There are so many analytics tools out there, but none of them tell you what your user’s intent was and what they wanted to actually do when they visited your website or app.

Task Analytics measures why your users came to your website and if they were able to do the task they came to do - purchase your product!

Measure success

The Completion Rate is the percentage of customers that are able to achieve what they intended. We can measure overall completion rate for a whole site/business, but more actionable; for a specific target group or for a specific task.

Why intent matters

In order to build the perfect website that meets your visitor’s needs, you need more insight about what they are coming to your site to do. Are they coming to register for an event, check prices, buy your product, read review, or watch a video?

"Understanding user intent is the Holy Grail."

How we do it


We’ve found that the best way to get honest customer feedback is simply by asking.


We crunch the data and store them on safe servers.

Take action!

Our dashboard shows you exactly what improvements directly support your customers.

All actionable

Understand why your users are struggling.

What stopped them?

What prevented them from completing their intended task? Was it a technical issue? A design issue? Lack of information?

What will they do instead?

Are you driving your customers to a competitor? Are they forced to pick up a phone and call?

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