A Shared Language of Customer Intent

Change the way you run your business.

Web Developer

Have the confidence to drive innovation, knowing you have the data to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Digital Analyst

Deliver intent-based insight to your organization, helping everyone understand the Why behind your web analytics data

Digital Marketer

Get actionable data on each target audience, understand their wants and needs even better, and how to communicate based on customer intent.

Digital Executive

Effectively align your team around driving customer Completion Rate, delivering increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

All talk and no action?

Unfocused strategy talk may turn your business into the Tower of Babel. Task Analytics gives the whole organization a shared language: User tasks. This simple concept gets the right people involved and shapes the discussion around what is important: how you serve your customer.

Adopt the right measures

To improve the completion rate, we need to look at how all the pieces fit together. Different disciplines like interaction design, business development and content creation need to work together. Insight from Task Analytics helps you choose the right path.

User ❤ Business

The last ten years the mantra has been: listen to your users. But did we forget ourselves? Task Analytics helps you bring the design thinkers and the business brains around the same table.

Two heads thinking together

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