Screenshot: The complete picture

The complete picture

Get a quick lowdown on how your website is doing and learn where your efforts wil pay off the most.

Get inside your customers’ head

Investigate every user task and understand why and how you failed to put a smile on your customer face.

Define the issue

To fix the problem you need to state it as clear as possible. This will help.

Segment what you need

Learn how different target groups perform differently.

Then build a strong business case

Failing your customers has a price tag. Turn that number into potential earnings and make it reality.

Screenshot: The complete pictureScreenshot: Enter your customers headScreenshot: Define the issueScreenshot: Then build a strong business caseScreenshot: Targetgroups

Connect intentions and behavior

Google Analytics tracks what users do. Task Analytics lets you understand what your customers wanted to do — and why they failed. In combination these numbers take your customer insight to new level.

Connect intentions and behavior

Get the whole picture

Task Analytics tracks users from one domain to another. That allows you to see several domains from the same perspective and understand how they work together.

Get the whole picture

Want to see Task Analytics in action?